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The Kingfisher Student Atlas

Student Atlas


An atlas of physical and political maps of the world, organized by continent, plus fact boxes containing statistics about the land and people of each place.
Student Atlas is a must own child's book. Written by Philip Wilkinson and the publisher is Kingfisher. The book was released sometime in 2003. The book is 128 pages long and it contains colorfully illustrated maps. The book is 0.65" Height x 11.7" Length x 9.32" Width and weighs somewhere around 2.03 lbs. To find the best deal on a copy for this children's book in addition to other children's books, click on the link below.


ISBN: 0753455897
Author: Philip Wilkinson

The Kingfisher Student Atlas is developed specially to meet the needs of school-age children. Each continent is introduced by a physical relief map, followed by regional maps showing individual nations and regions in higher detail. The clear layout and color locator maps make it exceptionally easy for them to find more than 10,000 place names, or to quickly locate nations and their associated geographic, physical, and background facts. The main atlas section is organized by continent and includes world physical and political maps. This wide-ranging atlas begins by examining Earth's spot in the solar system and consists of thematic maps showing climate, vegetation, and population. The accompanying Mac and Computer compatible CD-ROM includes maps that may well be printed and employed for projects or just for fun, making this an important modern atlas for property and school.


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