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Hammond Children's World Atlas

Hammond Childrens World Atlas

The child's book is 128 pages long. Allow yourself to get absorbed in this child's book. Imagine your self as being the primary figure, pondering together with struggling to find the answers. If you prefer a copy of this children's book, click on our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

Hammond World Atlas Corporation

ISBN: 0843709723

Designed for the 21st century, the strikingly appealing Hammond Children's World Atlas is a actually illustrated, full-color planet atlas for young children ages 7-12. * Bursting with full-color illustrations and maps throughout. * Fascinating two-page spreads examine such topical subjects as"Our Place in Space,"" Weather, Climate and Biomes"along with the"natural world ". Peter's, Rome) peppered throughout. Features: * Developed by a team of specialist cartographers and illustrators, and overseen by an academic authority. * Country facts and flags chart and detailed index. * Physical and political continent maps, followed by colorful maps from the continent's main countries and regions. * Country truth file boxes and world records sidebars, which includes the world's smallest state (Vatican City) , Europe's oldest university (Bologna, Italy) and the world's largest church (St.


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