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Argentina: A Primary Source Cultural Guide (primary Sources Of World Cultures)

Argentina A Primary Source Cultural
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An overview of the history and culture of Argentina and its people including the geography, myths, arts, daily life, education, industry, and government, with illustrations from primary source documents.
Argentina: A Primary Source Cultural is a must own children's book. Written by Theodore Link / Rose Mc Carthy and the publisher is Rosen Publishing Group. This book became available sometime in 2004. This version is the 1st ed. of the child's book has 128 pages and it includes colorfully illustrated maps, click the link below.

Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 0823939979
Author: Theodore Link / Rose Mc Carthy

A Primary Source Cultural Guide, about Argentina. The city boasts a world class opera house, on the list of widest avenues in the world, and neighborhoods of opulent mansions. operating class people of Buenos Aires invented the tango, the sultry national music and dance form of Argentina that has gained recognition across the planet. Argentina makes up most of South America's southern region, with tropical forests in the north ultimately tapering down to the subantarctic southern reaches. The vibrant port of Buenos Aires might be the federal capital of Argentina too as its cultural center. Abandoned Jesuit missions dot the humid north, stately colonial cities occupy the country's heartland, too as a few towns and cities brave the desolate beauty of harsh Patagonia. The pampas, vast plains of fertile grasslands, cover much of central Argentina. The imposing Andes mountains form the western border, and a sweeping Atlantic coastline lies to the east.


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