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Kids love Argentina by Les Fearns / Daisy Fearns. Written by Les Fearns / Daisy Fearns and the publisher is Facts on File (J). The went on sale on the 1st of August, 2005. Should you be within the library you can very likely look it up using the classification code, F2808.5.F43 2005. The book is 61 pages long.

Facts on File (J)

ISBN: 0816060088
Author: Les Fearns / Daisy Fearns

From the Amazon rainforest to the polluted coastal cities, local Peruvian communities are finding approaches to protect and enhance their environment. > Meet the people of Peru and learn aobut the diversity of their lives, from a mining engineer in Cachimayo to a shaman in Huasao. Yet regardless of these positive changes, many Peruvians continue to live in poverty, without adequate housing, education or health care. Includes maps and graphic panels showing statistics and fact boxes about size, flag, population, religion, currency and language.


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