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¡ A Contar Con Dora! (count With Dora! ) (dora The Explorer)

161 A Contar Con Dora

Dora counts coconuts, bananas, and other fruits in English and Spanish.
The author is Phoebe Beinstein / Thompson Bros. and it was published in June of 2007 by Libros Para Ninos. The child's book is for ages 12 months and up, and is related to Counting as well as Board books and Fuit and it is perceived as ideal juvenile literature. This version is the 1. ed. bilingüe (español e inglés) of ¡ A Contar Con Dora! (count With Dora! ) (dora The Explorer) : Count with Dora! has 12 pages and it is filled with colorfully illustrated artwork. I would like you to get the best price when you buy a book. Please, visit the buyers market add to cart button.

Libros Para Ninos

ISBN: 1416935673
Author: Phoebe Beinstein / Thompson Bros .


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